Twitter is a social networking and also a micro blogging service site that permits a user to interact and connect with other groups of people in order to connect on a day to day basis by sending and reading text-based posts of up to 140 characters, recognized as “tweets” on ones account as often as they wish. It was founded by Jack Dorsey in March 2006 and officially launched that July.

The service quickly gained worldwide recognition, with over 300 million users as of 2011, handling over 1.6 billion search queries and generating over 300 million tweets per day. .It has been referred to as “the internet SMS. The short design of the tweet is a fundamental feature of the service, allowing informal cooperation and fast information sharing.

In addition, to sharing information, it can also be used as a clear market research tool whereby one can collect valuable data about brands. This can be done by asking sincere questions to followers.

The biggest question for many people using Twitter is how to add new followers. Below are a set of tools that will help increase not only targeted follower base, but also a significant group of people of like minded friends.

Provide Relevant, Useful and Digestible Information. Since People are busy. When given something that solves a problem and saves time, it turns out to be valuable to them. They would want to know what other tips available which can help them in other areas. They are searching for fast answers and clear instructions to follow. Offer that to your followers on a daily basis and talk to them this will not only increase following but will build a loyal community.

First and fast informer by being the person that is first to break industry news, give an opinion, or take sides in a controversial conversation. Ride the wave by commenting about the subject or tweeting articles put your own spin on it. Be informative and entertaining, ask for opinions on trending topics this will attract many followers through friends suggestions.

Link your Twitter page on every social profile in your set up, be it on FriendFeed, Facebook, or LinkedIn you should attach and cross promote those other profiles. It saves ones time and boosts the overall member rate on both sites.

Be a useful resource in your profession. Making yourself the most influential and powerful authority in your profession, by giving insight into hot topics in the industry, keeping Tweets relevant; engaging considerably into a user-generated debate about your industry and linking out to other terrific resources.

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Use your bio as one of your favorite picture. Your bio should clearly describe you, what you do, and what you offer. Be precise also add your personality to your bio. The way your bio is written will help attract the followers.

Keep It Simple Stupid by making it obviously easy to locate and follow you. If you have a website or blog, be sure to allow your visitors know how to find and follow you on Twitter. Make it easy for them by having Twitter “add me” buttons in strategic places on your site.

Don’t be afraid to ask people to follow you in your content. If you write about Twitter in an article, incorporate a little I love Twitter too! Follow me on my tweet for more tips and fun it’s fast and easy. Those people who like your site will follow you if you make it easy for them.

Tweet regularly- your Twitter profile can only gain attention if one tweets regularly. Though keeping a Twitter account can be time-consuming, you have to be willing to post on a regular basis. If you want the benefit of having more followers, Post some quality content at least a few times in a day in order to maintain your visibility.

Automate and Schedule your tweets. Programming your tweets to convey in advance saves you time in the long term. This can be done by a program called Hoot Suite which creates a spreadsheet calendar system by time, date, URL and tweet. It uploads a maximum of 50 tweets at a time. Make sure that you get a big followers for Twitter increase, Cittadini di Twitter advices to buy cheap Twitter followers. Also, set up your RSS ads/feed to make it automatic to have your Twitter messages feed appear on your on Facebook and blog.

Extend the love. There is an adage, which says, Benevolence begets benevolence. Use your following in ways that will help other people. Through these many followers will be attracted since they will love to join you in your noble work. For instance, you can use it to fundraise for a certain let say children home or for any other charity work.

Manage your followers using tweepular this is Perhaps the best tool to carry on to growing your network on Twitter is the service called Tweepular. This service permits one to refine the audience and continue to suggest to new users relying on their “Build your Tweepularity” aspect. You can also see who follows you and most notable who is not following you within a given time. With this tool, you can keep on refining your group of people to engaged and have active Twitter users.

Follow Industry Leaders and Get Them to Follow You to Get Twitter Followers – Follow a community in your position who has universally recommended capability. Look for leaders in the industry who you can engage with and convince them to follow you. I.e. By engaging to be engaged. When a prominent person with a lot of followers follows you, the aggregate traffic can be enormous.

Use your Twitter account in a unique way, by either forming a forum for producing public opinion polls for a certain product or Intelligence collecting, to find out what are people opinions about certain brands.

Focus on Retention even before one thinks of trying to gain new followers, there is the need to focus on keeping the ones that are already there. This is done by engaging your followers with discussion and topics that are fascinating to them.

By following these straightforward steps and tools, it is, therefore, possible to establish a firm basis that will lead to a long lasting growth in your social community on Twitter.

Reasons you should get a Vine followers app

It is so amazing how the internet, through the various social media platforms, is making life easy for all of us. You can connect with people all over the world, with just the push of a button. It is just as easy as it sounds, and it does not require any extra skills to operate. Social media has broken the geographical boundaries that exist between countries.

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You can connect with your family, friends, or colleagues, anywhere in the world. There are different social media platforms available today, and we see a lot of people, spending good amount of their leisure time, communicating with their friends. It becomes very interesting, if one can share information and new experiences with friends, about things that are happening in your life.

Vine is one of those social media platforms that is gaining more popularity by the day. People are getting to understand, how simple and convenient it is to communicate and send information to their contacts through videos. Vine creates the opportunity for you to send short looping videos to your friends and relations, who are on your list.

Users on this platform can create short videos with just their mobile phones and share it with the world. The “6 seconds video” is more than just a way of communicating with friends; for businesses and various organizations, it is also a strong marketing tool. Sharing information on social media platforms like this, gives you the opportunity to connect with thousands of people. Just like what you have on other social media page, to become popular on Vine, you have to be get more comments, likes as well as followers. You can buy real Vine followers to achieve this.

How to get followers on Vine? If you want to put in more effort and make your video more popular in just a blink of an eye, then you have to buy real Vine followers, likes, comments and revines at Vine is a social media site that is managed by Twitter, and it is also an opportunity for businesses and individuals to gain more exposure and grow their audience.

If you are an Instagram user or have seen what the app is all about, then you know that the effects it produces for photographs is one of the reasons why it is very popular. With the app, you can turn any picture you have recently taken and apply different types of filters, which give it that vintage look as if it was taken more than three decades ago.

Although there are a lot of Instagram effects you can use, some are not present on the app itself. At the same time, some people do not have an account in the app too. Does that mean you won’t be able to enjoy adding filters on photographs? Not by a long shot. By using Instagram effects online, you can also enjoy making your photos look vintage without actually signing up for the app.

Since Instagram is actually quite the popular app, there are numerous websites that try to cash in on the service that it brings to its members. Now, even if you are not an Instagram user but want to have vintage-looking photos, you can simply go visit a website that allows you to do that and choose from tons of different filter types.

So how does it actually work in the first place? It is very simple and it takes little to no effort to get effects from Instagram online websites. Although there are many different sites, the service still remains the same.

Make sure to buy instant Instagram followers, views, likes and comments at What you actually just need to do is upload a picture that you have on the website itself, choose one of the many filters and download it back to your computer. Alternately, if the site has a photo gallery you can also choose to upload the photo you have just edited for other people to see to get Instagram followers.

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One of the better online Instagram effect editing service is Picfull. What’s great about the website is that they actually do not require you to sign up with them before you can enjoy their services. Upon visiting the site, just upload an image from your computer and edit it before downloading it back.

You can choose to buy cheap Instagram followers from filters such as sepia, glow, watercolor, pencil drawing, vintage and so much more! The site also gives you an option to share the photo you just “Instagrammed” on your Facebook or Twitter account so you can easily do it all from their website.

Finally, in terms of choosing the best website for getting Instagram effects for your photos, make sure that you do not have to pay for their services unless something unique is truly offered that is not available on the original app.

Since Instagram is for free, it is only fair that other sites that try to emulate its effects also come free of charge. Enjoy having vintage-type photos by editing your shots online! While having Instagram is indeed a blast, you also can have the same results by going to sites like Picfull and editing your photos for free! Have fun!